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CG Cam-tool

CAM System for Molds & Parts

The CG CAM-TOOL is one of product in the CG Series is based on SOLIDWORKS® which is a high-performing in between design to manufacturing and it is 3D CAD/CAM system which has consistency of each options you can do add-on.

This CAM system aimed at mold/die machining for middle and small size parts, which keeps high accuracy and high quality as it is, pursuing easy operation. The polygon & surface engine which is well-established in CAM-TOOL" realizes high precision and high efficiency machining. Furthermore, from the processing attribute of the model designed by "CG Press Design / CG Mold Design", we can maintain consistency among product series, such as automatic process creation.

CAM Functions

Optimization / Cutting Simulation

In addition to the Optimization system like CAM-TOOL's, there is a Simulation process that uses the Tool and Holder data from the Tooling DB to verify safe results. “Delete air-cut”, “Auto clearance” and etc. help users to create more efficient and safer tool-paths too.

CL Editor

CAM-TOOL's reputable CL editor is adopted into the system, which provides the verification and edit functions of tool-paths, such as "CL Display", "CL Information", "Move/Copy", "Delete", "Change Approach Position", "Change F Value" and etc.

Tooling DB

"Tooling DB" manages cutting-tools, holders and machining conditions. Users can define the shank with multistage taper or R-shape, and this makes an interference check more precise. Cutting-tools and holders can be prepared easily by downloading catalog data of tool/holder manufactures from WEB site.


Hole and 2D machining are integrated to 3D machining project. 2D and Hole entity, Template, Cutting DB drives CAM automation.
[HOLE] It is possible to create drilling data on not only a plate but also 3D surfaces.
[2.5D] It is possible to create 2.5D machining data, by recognizing "Sketch" entities or "3D model data".


Intended wire cutting can be achieved by the flexible cutting patterns and various lead-in types, recognizing target WC-contours easily.

3+2 AXIS

High-precision 3+2 axis machining data of HOLE/2.5D/3D millings can be created, defining the machining direction for each process. "Delete air-cut" for multi-axis machining is also available in "Optimization".


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