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Our Products

Trusted by some world leaders in their domain, we are distributing their products for the Vietnam market. Not only commercialize them, we also help the users to get the best from their usage through consulting, training and support services. All of our supporting engineers are experienced and certified directly by product owners.


SolidWorks / 3DExperience.Works For Education

SolidWorks is the most popular 3D Computer-Aided-Design software on the world. Everyday, over 5 millions of engineers, students and researcher all around the word are using this software to design amazing products. from simple perfume bottles to the next generation of robots exploring the Solar system.

INNOVE is entrusted by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks, the software editor of SolidWorks/3DExperience.Works, to distribute the Educational version of the software to universities, colleges and other training facilities in Vietnam needing to use the software to train users. We do not only commercialize the product, but we also support the customers to get the best from the software, through consulting, training and technical support activities.

In addition of the software, SolidWorks also provide an unique digital certification system, valid worldwide and recognized by many world leading organization. The certification exam and training program are parts of our offers.    


The most advanced Computer-Aider-Manufacturing software as an add-in embedded directly to SolidWorks CAD, CG CAM-Tool is a trusted tool for mold making professionals all around the world. Developed by C&G Systems in Japan, with all the know-how and expertise coming from Japanese "Monozukuri" industry, CG CAM Tool is the digital tool that help mold makers to enable advanced milling processes such as "hard milling" and fully automatic milling on 5-axis CNC.



The Advanced Planning and Scheduling system is the corner stone of the Smart Manufacturing model as it enable the accurate forecast and optimization of the production, and also a reaction to changes in real-time. For this reason, the APS system is needed by all manufacturers, including those who already owned a working ERP/MRP system and a MES system on the shop floor.

Asprova APS product is a proven solution, currently used by more than 2,000 companies all around the world including many major domain leaders such as Panasonic, Canon, Nidec...  

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