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PLM to Speed Production, Improve Consumer and Retailer Satisfaction

Many food processors are challenged to meet greater production and pricing demands from customers, competition from the constant flow of new entrants to the marketplace, as well as managing increasingly complex global supply chains and product structures.

Their PLM platform should help processors meet ever-changing regulation and safety requirements on ingredients, processes, packaging and more. Yet many food processors are locked into the limits of legacy PLM and PDM.

A New Approach

Food and beverage processors rely on a new approach for regulatory compliance, quality, increased traceability, recipe and specification management for one source of truth, and the ability to track product information across brands.


To meet rapidly changing food and beverage market demands, the Aras platform for PLM and PDM is easily customized to align with unique business needs and seamlessly integrates with existing systems. And, because of the platform's underlying technology, upgrades are straightforward and easy, regardless of the amount of tailoring an application has undergone.


With a PLM platform approach, Food and Beverage companies can meet consumer and retailer demands, while accelerating time to market, driving revenue and maintaining compliance.


  • Centralized Formula and Recipe Management for a global "single version of the truth" that secures and manages critical Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Audit and Traceability, as well as Tooling & Die, Product Processing & Instructions, Raw Materials, Packaging, Labeling, Artwork, Bar Coding, QR Coding, Quality and Regulatory Compliance

  • Best Practices for Global Product Development, including Formula & Recipe Management, Process Automation and Workflow, Enterprise Change Management, Master Specification Management, Document Control, Resource Planning, Supplier Management and improved Collaboration throughout the Enterprise and Extended Supply Chain

  • Standards, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, including Food Safety, Packaging, Nutritional Information, Test Procedures, Labeling and Private Labeling

  • Email Alerts and Role-based User Interface for "need to know" Visibility including Business Intelligence and Analytics, including Reports, Scorecards, Dashboards and KPI Metrics

  • Easy to Use Web-based Environment with Intuitive Microsoft Look and Feel

  • Flexible, Extensible and Secure; easily Integrated into leading ERP systems


Our Solution for the Industry

During all the process, the recipe management and the sampling process management are two sensitive and crucial area that decide the competitiveness and the quality of a F&B product. Thus our solution is focusing on these particular area: 


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