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Skilled Engineers


Successful Projects


Our Process 

  • We are certified  ISO/IEC 27001:2013

  • Our process has been proven by the success of over 250 projects with external customers.

Our Management Capacity

  • Capable of developing Full-life cycle base on customer’s requirements

  • Project Management team highly skilled and experienced

Our Talent pool

  • Large pool resources with 130+ employees, adapt to latest technologies trend

  • Access to experienced and highly skilled IT engineers

Business Software Development

What we do

The most appropriate proposal according to the customer’s business type & scale will be proposed based on the business knowledge accumulated by experience variety of business system development and operation support.

We provide the offshore development service with reasonable price. The offshore working model is tailored to be fit with customer's needs. In particular, we have developed a specific working process to match with Japanese standards on quality and security.  

Technologies we use


C, C++, Java, C#, VB (Visual Basic),, Objective-C, COBOL, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, VBScript, VBA

Project Management Tools

Git, SVN, Redmine

Software Dev

Web Development

What we do

We not only provides unique and secure solutions in Web application development, but also fits the customer's requirements and business strategy.​

Our experts use advanced technologies and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are always ready and capable of further expansion in the future.​

  • Single Page Application

  • Progressive Web Apps

  • Digital Commerce & Enterprise eCommerce Application

  • Cross-Platform Apps

  • Web & Enterprise Portal

  • Custom Module Development & Application Maintenance

Technologies we use






Data Base

Customers we serve


Mesho is an educational management application. This is designed for use in management and teaching activities at universities.

The system allows managers at universities to manage teacher and student information, arrange school schedules. The system also allows students to register for the course, perform admissions, manage their scores and academic results.

In addition, the system also allows students to apply for internships at companies.


In addition to the online furniture sales function, the application also allows users to create projects. Each project can be divided into spaces to add interior products here. From there, users can request a quote/order.

Besides, users can upload architectural drawings to be able to pin products to it, providing a more intuitive view.


Natufee is a job search application in the field of nutrition.

The system allows nutritionists to find jobs according to job specifications, by geographical location, in the form of recruitment (full-time, part-time …)

Web Dev
Mobile Dev

Mobile Development

What we do

We understand that successful mobile app development relies on a complete understanding and execution of key functionality: comprehensive design documentation, agile development, testing and post-launch support

Our experts use cutting edge technologies, advanced frameworks and proven methodologies to ensure that our solutions are future-ready and scalable

● iOS: We produced high-quality iPhone apps for our customers for all devices across the Apple ecosystem.
● Android: Our experts have extensive experience producing native software for Android- the most-used mobile operating system in the world..
● Hybrid app: Combining the mobility power with cross-platform compatibility, Hybrid apps are a perfect solution for customers seeking to maximize their project performance, while minimizing the cost.

Technologies we use



Data Base


Customers we serve


Kirin is the mobile application of  Japan chain stores.

The system allows display of products in Kirin chain stores and coupons for use when paying via the app. The system also has the function of tracking the user’s footsteps to give away coupons, track the purchase history to give more offers.

In addition, the application also uses Youtube Deep Linking to attract the interest of users through product instruction videos.


Mio is an application for users to buy and sell and manage fund certificated, manage portfolios.

In addition, it also helps investors plan investment budgets based on investment resources, income, monthly spending, the level of risk acceptance of investors to offer the most optimal investment packages.

Cloud Base Service

What we do

Cloud based service allows you to set up virtual offices quickly, and to access your data anytime, anywhere

Moreover, moving to cloud may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than purchasing expensive infrastructure & equipment, why not benefiting from modern technology?

With our expertise, we can help you implement cloud-based solutions to modernize your IT system.

  • Cloud Migration: Migrate your data into cloud to increase the flexibility of your business.

  • Hybrid cloud development: Complete migration is not always necessary, that’s why SKG can assist you in finding the right path for your business.

  • Cloud Application Development: we have various experience in developing custom applications that leverage cloud app infrastructure to enable agility & cost savings.

  • DevOps: We integrate various tools, based on the best practice to provide automated systems to our customers.

Technologies we use

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Cloud Base Service

IOT Service

What we do

What if machines can communicate with each other? The development of language has completely changed human life and brought meaning to the existence of mankind. Today machines are doing the same thing and creating an industrial revolution 4.0

IoT is currently an important trend. This is a sure thing and has proven its effectiveness. We can observe its application in every field, from industry to daily life.

Understanding the potential of this trend and technology in the future, We have invested and developed a number of IoT projects. We believe that our expertise can somehow benefit our customers and partners.


Artificial Intelligence

What we do

Most of our quality control depends on manual inspections and judgments, and we are working to save labor and manpower by utilizing AI and data, and to stabilize quality by advancing manufacturing condition adjustment.
We provide a one-stop system for preparing optimal AI (artificial intelligence) models to create high-quality learning data.

Technologies we use


C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, NodeJS, JS, p5


Pytorch, Caffe, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenCV, ml5

Cloud Services

Google Cloud ML, Amazon Machine Learning, Azure ML Studio

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